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September 9, 2018

Family Photo Essay: Around Ypsilanti

It has been a very busy summer to say the least! I was looking at these family pictures that we took and I wanted to share a few. Both so you can get to know a bit more about me and also to remind you that summer isn’t actually over… yet.

All of the pictures are by Lisa Voelker—thank you for capturing such lovely moments!


Desiraé Simmons smiles while riding a bike in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Fun fact: I never learned to drive. That means I rely on safe sidewalks and streets to walk and ride on as well as reliable public transportation. This was my first time riding along with Indigo attached in the trailer! Special thanks to our neighbors, Joe and Rachel Montgomery, who shared it with us.



Desiraé Simmons' family enjoys the Freighthouse in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Indigo loves to run and jump. So, Zander and I are always looking for opportunities to go out and about with her around town. We feel lucky to live in a place that has so much going on for little or no cost.



Desiraé Simmons hangs out with her daughter in Ypsilanti, Michigan

I cannot overstate the role that becoming a mother played in my decision to run for City Council. After our current president was elected, I realized how important local governance is to building, or subverting, democratic participation. I got together with another momma—shout out to Mariah Zeisberg—to plan our first Love, Resilience, Action Ypsi March. That introduced me in a new way to Ypsilanti’s history of activism and increased my network of local residents.



Desiraé Simmons' family have fun outside the Freighthouse in Ypsilanti, Michigan

I am just including this picture because I like it. In our house, we call those squishy cheeks.



Desiraé Simmons and her partner laugh as they walk around Ypsilanti, Michigan

This guy right here, he’s the best! I could not imagine going on this roller coaster of a journey without him. We moved to Michigan sight unseen because I got a job at the University of Michigan. We didn’t know anyone and didn’t have a permanent place to live, yet we felt instantly at home here in Ypsilanti. Four years later and we now are married, bought a house, have a child, and have found our place in the community. Even though that job was a bust, we know that Ypsi chose us and that this is the place for our family.

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