August 15, 2018

Desiraé Simmons is endorsed by:

Headshot of Julia Bayha

Julia Bayha, Ypsilanti Sustainability Commission:

Ypsilanti needs a City Council made up of residents who care about and are personally invested in Ypsilanti doing well financially and communally. Desiraé possesses the qualities needed to help lead Ypsilanti in a sustainable direction. Desiraé is focused, intelligent, responsive, and committed.

Matt Siegfried, Ypsilanti historian & 20-year resident:

Matt Siefried with his arm around Desirae, standing in front of a brick wall and a window with a tree in the background.

The gentrification process in Ypsilanti threatens the working class and the Historic Black Southside. That threat has many of us worried about our future ability to live here, our home. Ypsilanti badly needs a voice committed to the interests of the majority of us who are most negatively impacted by economic dislocation and development, not focused on the developers. Desiraé knows that everything we value as a community we struggled for, and I believe she will struggle for those values on council.

Headshot of Bryan Foley

Bryan Foley, lifelong Ypsilanti resident:

As our community is changing, we need leaders who are not willing to compromise the heritage of Ypsilanti. The people have not fully recovered from the economic crisis and we cannot sell out to the highest  bidder. Desiraé stood up for us with International Village. She is for the people and not just for herself.

And you:
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